Skyfire Hits App Store And Gets Pulled Due To High Demand Shortly After Launch

One of the biggest complaints that Apple iPhone users have had about the iPhone since the thing broke cover a few years back was the lack of Flash. Steve Jobs did his best to keep Flash off Apple devices and recently has started to ease up and allowed a new browser called Skyfire that supports Flash hit yesterday.

To say the app was popular would be an understatement. Hoards of iPhone users dropped $2.99 on the app pushing it to the top of the Top Grossing chart ahead of Angry Birds and lots more. The app was popular that it sold out.

If you are wondering how an app that is digital can sell out, it was more of an issue with server bandwidth at the Skyfire HQ. According to Skyfire the first few hours things were fine and then with the huge increase in demand video performance started to degrade. Rather than offer a poor experience the company opted to pull the app from the App Store until they could increase capacity.