Skyfire For iPhone Makes Flash Video iOS-Friendly [Video]

Skyfire's browser is coming to the iPhone, and it's bringing its rendition of Flash playback with it.  As you might remember from the Android version launch, Skyfire converts Flash video in realtime on itsown servers, and replaces it with an iOS friendly HTML5 version.  That's apparently been enough to convince Apple's App Store guardians to approve the app, according to CNNMoney, with Skyfire expected to show up in the download store for $2.99 on Thursday at 9am EST.

Skyfire's system does have its limitations, however.  Games and other interactive Flash widgets aren't supported, since the two-way communication they require doesn't work with the company's HTML5 recoding, and Hulu also won't work.

Apple apparently took around two months to approve Skyfire, and is not responding to requests for comments about the app.  Still, we imagine they're quietly pleased that HTML5 is further proving its worth in this way.

[via TheNextWeb]