SkyDrive apps released for iOS and Windows Phone

This week the folks at cloud storage system have announced the simultaneous release of both an iOS application and a Windows Phone application so you can use SkyDrive's storage across a whole new set of platforms. What you'll be doing here is using a simple to access user interface to save and share your data in many different ways. SkyDrive is using this move to find their way into the mobile market and hopes that it'll be impressive enough to get manufacturers to opt to have the app on devices right out of the box – but is it good enough?

First lets have a look at the Windows Phone version of this application. Clearly what we're dealing with here is an application well suited for the Windows Phone aesthetic, flat panels and immersive buttons galore, folders and icons all looking very much at home here in the SkyDrive cloud space. You'll be able to create folders, photo albums, delete and save, all the stuff you're used to with your browser-based SkyDrive account as accessed from your desktop computer. Have a peek at a hands-on with this app courtesy of Mike from the SkyDrive team:

Then there's SkyDrive for iPhone. While we're pretty sure this application won't be able to burst through the impenetrable barrier of eternal strength that is Apple's basic build for the out of box iPhone in any generation, it's nice to see that the app will work just fine after a normal download from the iTunes Appstore. You'll find the same features as you get on the Windows Phone build here on the iOS build essentially, all integrated with your familiar set of iPhone buttons and such in the iOS environment. Have a peek at this build again courtesy of Mike from SkyDrive:

A link to the Windows Phone app is coming from SkyDrive as soon as its successfully added to the Windows Phone Marketplace, and the iOS version is available in the iTunes Appstore right this moment. Also note that there's another crossover app in our archives just posted this morning by the name of Kinectimals – cute and fun for everyone!