Sky planning dish-free IPTV Sky+ service

Chris Davies - Jun 7, 2010
Sky planning dish-free IPTV Sky+ service

It used to be straightforward: satellite TV, like that from Sky, comes via a satellite dish, and cable comes via cable.  Now, according to some leaked documents from Sky UK, it seems things might not be quite so clean-cut anymore.  TrustedReviews have heard that Sky UK are ramping up to offer their Sky+ service “through a new set top box supplied by Sky connected to your Freeview aerial and broadband connection”, that would use IPTV distribution rather than the traditional dish.

The new package will require the customer to use Sky Broadband as well as the company’s Freetime calling package, together with viewing all Freeview channels, on-demand Sky TV and various pay TV channels including Comedy Central, FX and National Geographic.  Pricing is tipped at £5 to £10 ($7-14) per month for the basic TV, with further channels such Sky Movies as levied as additional fees on top.  No word on when this might arrive on the market.

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