Sky Factory creates optical illusions for your window

Many of us have lived in apartments or homes that have had awful views of the outdoors from the window. My blinds have actually never opened, a pretty view of the lovely parking lot is just not enough of a motivation to open those blinds.

Since I grew up on a farm, I used to go through serious withdrawals from having a nice view outside of my window. I found out that such things have been known to cause bouts of depression in certain people. Having a custom built optical illusion could be the answer.

Sky Factory can create a sky light or sky mural, that feature stars, trees, blossoms, natural landscapes and even fluffy white clouds. The two major issues are that it is going to be more than a little expensive, and I think I'd go into shock after seeing fluffy white clouds, then going outside and seeing depressing fog or rain.

[via red ferret]