Sky Announces Sky 3D TV Launching in April

The push for 3D TV is definitely going full force, and therefore seeing an announcement like this is only a little bit surprising. We are a bit shocked to see it happening so soon, especially considering that 3D TVs aren't really that common yet, but apparently Sky thinks it's perfect timing. In fact, they've got April 3rd pegged for the official unveiling of their 3D service, which lines up with a pretty big football match on the same day.

Sky 3D is exactly as it sounds. It's Europe's first 3D TV channel, designed specifically to watch 3D entertainment. That's the meaning of its entire existence, in fact. So what's got Sky so amped for the upcoming 3D revolution? Football, naturally. They've got the official hard launch of the 3D TV service lined up with the Manchester United vs Chelsea Barclays Premiere League match, which should see quite a few viewers(/sarcasm). Sky is offering the service a little bit before April 3rd, so customers can add it to their service at no extra cost to their already paid-for top channels. They also want you to get used to the 3D experience, by offering viewers some free preview content.

Luckily, Sky 3D is compatible with all new 3D TVs, and it even works with both "passive" and "active" 3D formats. After the initial Man United vs Chelsea match, Sky will offer up an additional 5 Premiere League matches; which will then be followed up by some documentaries, and a full range of movies, sports, and entertainment pieces. They're obviously pushing for the 3D revolution, and as long as they've got the content to support it, this is not a bad thing. Just remember, you need a 3D TV, along with Sky+ HD service to really take advantage of it.

[via HD TV Lounge]