Skullcandy keeps you cozy in the winter months to come

Every winter I find myself shivering to death, being a smaller female and a sissy on top of it I usually feel like I'm dying from the cold. This usually begins when it drops below 65 degrees. Well Skullcandy has come out with a pair of headphones that keeps sissies like me warm and cute and the same time, not to mention entertained.

Well if you intend upon jogging even through the winter months these headphones would be especially nice for you. Both the headband and the earphones are lined with pretty pink fur. Now if only I could find a heated nose ring to keep my nose from freezing and falling off of my face.

One down side to fashionable headphones is they always cost a pretty penny. To get your warm fuzzies from Skullcandy it will cost you right around $100, so start saving up that spare change now to snag yours by Christmas.

Winter friendly Skull Candy cans [via shinyshiny]