Skins phone condom

Do you want to protect your cell from STD's? Well then a phone condom might be just the thing you need! Alright, that's not what it's really for, these Skins are a handy and cheap way to protect your phone from all of the odd conditions you subject it to.

It even protects it against water and shows the phone completely submerged. However, it doesn't really give any details saying if it's completely water proof or not. If it does really work I think I'm going to buy my parents a lifetime supply. They own a pool and we have a tendency to throw each other in fully clothed and occasionally that means your cellphone gets dunked too. It is supposed to protect against all elements, dirt, water, snow and anything else you can cook up.

The Skins are sold in packs of three and six, the 3-pack is about $6 and the 6-pack is priced at about $12.

Skins condom offers great mobile protection... [via shinyshiny]