Six months of Arkham Knight DLC will run you $40, season pass incoming

Today Warner Bros. and Rocksteady announced have a pricey DLC season pass in the works for Batman: Arkham Knight. The season pass will be good for six months after the game's June 23rd release date. This latest game in the Arkham series will be available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC; I have a feeling that this is going to be the game that will make finally set aside my PS3 and hop onboard the PS4. In that case, there's always the Batman: Arkham Knight PS4 Bundle.

DLC season passes are supposed to be a value pack of sorts, a way for a player who was going to buy all of the DLC packs anyways to get everything in one. Arkham Knight's DLC season pass is making waves as it will cost as much as people spend on a full game at $39.99 in the US. Some users on Reddit are already throwing in the towel and cancelling pre-orders saying they would rather wait for the eventual Game of the Year editon which would bundle content at a lower price.

Included in the season pass are new story missions, super-villains, advanced challenge maps, "legendary" skins for the Batmobile and new character skins, and new race tracks for the various bat-vehicles. There is still no word whether the DLC season pass with include access to retailer exclusives like Gamestop's story packs that let you play as the ruthless vigilante, Red Hood, and everyone's favorite deranged she-villain, Harley Quinn.

If you want to play all the DLC content from day one, you could get the Premium Edition via digital pre-order only, which includes the core game and DLC season pass for $100 USD.

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Source: Wired