SiriusXM FM-6 satellite declared ready for service

Shane McGlaun - Dec 3, 2013
SiriusXM FM-6 satellite declared ready for service

Back in October, we mentioned that SiriusXM satellite radio had launched a new satellite into orbit around the Earth. The satellite is called Sirius FM-6 and was launched by Space Systems/Loral known as SSL. In October, SSL reported that the satellite had deployed its solar arrays after a successful launch from Baikonur Space Center in Kazakhstan.

After opening its solar panels, the satellite began thruster firings to push it into the correct orbit. This week SiriusXM announced that the Sirius FM-6 satellite has been successfully placed in the correct orbit and is declared ready for service.

The new satellite was put into orbit to be sure that SiriusXM subscribers can get access to the music service in the car, home, or office. Since the launch, the satellite has been going through a series of tests. The orbit raising, deployments, and in-orbit tests are now complete.

The satellite is situated at 116.15 degrees west longitude over the western US. The satellite will operate over North America. SiriusXM expects the satellite to be an important part of its service for years to come.

“Sirius FM-6 will help ensure continuous and reliable delivery of service and will benefit current and future SiriusXM subscribers across North America,” said Robert Briskman, Co-Founder and Technical Executive, SiriusXM. “The new satellite will bolster the reliability and longevity of our satellite fleet for many years to come. We congratulate our engineering team, Space Systems/Loral and International Launch Services on a successful launch and implementation.”


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