Sirius XM's XM Snap satellite radio with FM transmitter hits FCC

A new Sirius XM device, the XM Snap, has shown up at the FCC.  According to the test report, the XM Snap is a digital satellite receiver for in-vehicle use, complete with "a transmitter operating in the 88 – 108 MHz FM band. The XM Snap supplies the incoming satellite digital audio signal to the vehicle's radio via wired connection (Audio cable, FM Direct, or Cassette Adapter) or wireless FM transmission (Power Connect or FEA)."

So, we're basically looking at a Sirius XM radio that can squirt out audio either via an aux-out connection or via an FM transmitter.  No word on when it might launch, though Sirius XM has requested a 45 day confidentiality period on the user guide, test photos and the like, suggesting it'll be here in less than two months.

[via Wireless Goodness]