SIRIUS Stiletto: NO Bluetooth and NO Pre-orders

Wired got our hopes up by mentioning the inclusion of Bluetooth on the Stiletto, which turned out to be wrong. Then Sean of TSS-Radio informed me that SIRIUS had asked him to take down the first ever video showing off the Stiletto. At that point, I sensed something terrible was about to happen. A day later, TSS-Radio and Crutchfield yanked the pre-order page off their site. It would be nice if it turned out to be a production issue, but we're not that lucky. The word on the street is the FCC may have something to do with this recent turn of events. We take it for granted when the nice folks at the FCC approves this or that gadget, until that one day where a the Stiletto gadget we all longed for gets rejected for whatever reason. Lets hope this isn't the case.

Meanwhile, the closest things we have to the SIRIUS Stiletto are a few high-resolution images and the video below. Christmas won't be the same without the Stiletto. Please accept my apologies for delivering this bad news on a Friday afternoon.

Retailers Told to Suspend SIRIUS Stiletto Pre-Orders [Orbitcast, via Gizmodo]