SIRIUS Stiletto Has Bluetooth?

UPDATE 9/6/2006: SIRIUS Stiletto SL100PK1: First Ever Video!

Oh my god, say it's true! Wired mentioned in passing that the SIRIUS Stiletto "packs Bluetooth!" Just when I thought this sick portable satellite radio couldn't get any better. I'm preparing pink slips for all of my iPods in anticipation for the new arrival!

Aside from Wi-Fi and a satellite reciever, the slim Stiletto 100 packs Bluetooth, meaning that might let users link to other Stiletto users without draining much power — unlike the MusicGremlin and (apparently) the Microsoft Zune, which use power-hungry ad-hoc Wi-Fi connections.

So why am I so excited about having Bluetooth as an option on the Stiletto? Music sharing and file transferring to and between laptops and pc, Advance Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) allows streaming music wirelessly via BT to a compatible headset, and it's not a power hog unlike WiFi.

Finally, a Sirius IPod Threat [Wired News, via Orbitcast]