Sirius Stiletto – judged to be a p.o.s.

Chris Davies - Nov 7, 2006

Yikes, and it was all going, well, not too bad for the Sirius Stiletto – the hotly anticipated satellite radio DAP that promised so much and yet, as Travis Hudson found out, delivers very little.  His quibbles?  Zero indoor and patchy outdoor reception, the ergonomics of a brick (and not a pleasant brick, no, the nasty kind), slow WiFi (the Stiletto uses ‘b’) and a limited number of internet radio channels to choose from, oh, and the headphones (which have the aerial built-in, so you can’t change them) are uncomfortable and look dorky.  All in all, not a great showing.

Sirius Stiletto 100

Sirius Stiletto 100 Reviewed (Verdict: I Am One Disappointed Fanboy) [Gizmodo]

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