Siri on iPod Touch with simple iPhone 4S restore

It's not even a trick, it would seem, nor is it a hack or a break of any kind, but certainly not something Apple would have you doing – a restore of an iPhone 4S built on an iPod Touch is what mister AppleGordon has done, and with it came Siri! Before you get your fingers twisted in a bundle trying this little oddity out, note this: it's only one man's word against all sensical notions that such a thing will, almost certainly, brick your device. In other words, don't try this at home, but DO giggle at the concept.

This guy takes his iPhone 4S, backs it up and saves his backup, then loads it up on his iPod Touch. Seems like a fools errand, yes? As it turns out, the Siri does open, but it can't do just one whole heck of a lot. It doesn't process search queries, for one. The dictation feature does seem to work though, so that's pretty cool.

Another bit that seems to have slipped through the cracks here is that this guy's iPod Touch is jailbroken. This means that he could easily have tried to trick the whole world into one thing while he's actually doing something completely different. Prove his theory right and you might actually have yourself a blacked-out iPod Touch when it comes down to it. That said, try it if you like!

[via Cult of Mac]