Siri on iPad hack finds itself silent

It appears that a hack for the iPad has brought the iPhone 4S exclusive Siri app to its own screen – though as those who've used Siri before know, it's not going anywhere without a connection to Apple's servers. The same has been true thus far with a hacked port of the Siri voice assistant app as it was added to the iPhone 4, developers finding that there's just something about the iPhone 4S that allows Siri to communicate with the online repository of Siri's intelligence, something holding back each other device that now wants in on the party.

But know this, dear readers, Apple isn't going to let you use something of theirs when they don't want you to, not if they can help it. That's why Siri, as it exists today, connects only through the iPhone 4S, and as jailbreaking developers are finding, there's trouble to be had at each corner when trying to bring the crown glory of the iPhone 4S to the rest of the Apple suite. Should the team working on this project be able to hack a workaround, that'd be one thing, what we can be pretty sure of on the other hand is that Siri wont officially be on any device other than the iPhone 4S until the iPhone 5 is out – or until they have a big announcement saying that the app is once again free from her single device bonds.

Meanwhile we'll be keeping out iPads and iPad 2s free of Siri until she at least looks a little more size-corrected. For those of you that've never used Siri before, have a look at this hands-on video filmed by Vince when he did the full review of the iPhone 4S as well as the brand new iOS 5 earlier this month. The question remains then: is Siri worth upgrading to an iPhone 4S over on her own, or should we just hack away and push her to the devices we've already got?

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[via Jackoplane]