Sims expansion pack caused alien abductions and pregnant men

Earlier this year, The Sims received a "Get to Work" expansion pack that, it turns out, had far more interesting results than the initial announcement had indicated. For one thing, players discovered that there were alien abductions — lots of alien abductions. Furthermore, and as a result of such alien abductions and certain WooHooing activities, gamers were discovering that their male sims ended up pregnant. This, understandably, caused a lot of questions from gamers, though many liked the new unusual world.

The alien abductions weren't exactly a surprise, in that gamers knew they were part of the expansion pack, but the very high number of abductions that took place were. And, it seems, when a male sim came back from an abduction, he would be pregnant with, presumably, a little alien-human hybrid baby.

A lot of gamers were taken with the feature, with some even asking how they could get their sim abducted/pregnant as well. The increase in attention the feature got, however, spurred a change and, perhaps as surprisingly as when it started, the abductions stopped and the resulting pregnancies with them.

The alien abductions aren't gone, however, at least according to a Sim Guru Chat session; they were just dialed back so that they're not happening all the time. As for the male pregnancies, which seemed like they were the result of the abductions but weren't explicitly confirmed as such, they have been removed. However, some gamers are reporting that their male characters are still getting pregnant even without an abduction, making for an overall intriguing and amusing bug.

SOURCE: Kotaku