Simpsons LEGO episode trailer: No Outside Realities

Further evidence that the LEGO universe is one that exists alongside our own as well as many others exists in the newest Simpsons TV show trailer. What better place than on the longest running television show in history to depict secrets of the LEGO reality. It's not just about LEGO and humans, anymore.

When you watch The LEGO Movie, you find that LEGO isn't just a building block – it's a way to explore how and why you play the way you do. With The Simpsons, it would appear that LEGO will be a portal through which the Simpsons family explore their own reality.

Of course this isn't the first time The Simpsons have stepped outside their own universe. They live in a multi-verse, after all, switching between the 3D claymation plane (as seen below) and our own "real" world in episodes of the Halloween-themed Treehouse of Horror.

Here we're not seeing the Simpsons leave their flat world to enter the LEGO world – it's just the opposite. As the newest trailer for this weekend's episode reveals, Homer and his family have been living as LEGO bricks their whole lives, only to realize that they've got dopplegangers in an alternate reality.

They also make a joke about AFOL: Adult Fans of LEGO in the first few seconds of the spot. Have a peek and see what you can see.

This episode goes by the name "Brick Like Me" and will be broadcast on May 4th, 2014 for the first time. We'll likely see the episode online not long after – though you'll need to use the FXNOW app to access it legally.