SimCity getting first major update on April 22

After the whole fiasco with the release of SimCity earlier this year, it seems that things have finally settled, and players are now able to build their cities in peace. However, there's going to be another server shutdown come Monday, but only to make room for the game's first major update, which is set to hit April 22.

Electronic Arts has announced that the update will hit on Monday starting at 1 pm PT and will bring the game to version 2.0. It contains "a number of top-requested bug fixes and improvements," but the publisher was kind enough to provide a massive list of everything that will be provided in the update.

Some of the more important updates address issues with tourists, delays in receiving invitations, and phantom audio problems. It will also provide color-corrects when in a colorblind mode in the HUD, and data maps will show the filtered color when a color filter is enabled, unless you're in a colorblind mode.

Other than that, casinos will be more profitable, and there will be a slew of fixes to the game's budget-based systems, including fire, garbage, and sewage. Public transit will also see a number of improvements, including a fix for that annoying infinite loop problem that some players have been experiencing.