SIM support on LG G Watch rumored for Korea only

JC Torres - Jun 16, 2014
SIM support on LG G Watch rumored for Korea only

It may be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how badly you want the feature. The LG G Watch was once rumored to come with a standalone variant sporting its own connectivity power. Though that rumor still persists, the latest development is that this model will only be limited to its home Korean market.

The LG G Watch may look a bit nondescript compared to the Moto 360 and, at least based on the leaked set of specs, a bit underpowered or under-featured. However, one somewhat persistent rumor that may make a few eyes take a second look is that it could come with a SIM-enabled variant. This practically means that the smartwatch will be able to connect to the Internet on its own, without the aid of paired smartphone or tablet. This could also potentially mean that it might be able to make and receive calls by itself, though whether that is practical or easy to do remains to be seen.

However, there is now speculation that such a feature might never reach shores outside of the Korean peninsula. There are two factors that lead to this line of thinking. First is that the device, which is labeled as the LG-W105S/K, has been seen making its way to the RRA, which is the Korean counterpart of the FCC. This device is marked as a 3G device, confirming first part of that rumor. The second factor is that the device has not passed by the FCC, at least not yet. In which case it is safest to presume a Korea-only launch and to hope for an eventual international release.


This could be well in line with what Samsung itself is rumored to be doing. There are pointers that would lead one to suspect that Samsung would be outing a SIM-enabled Gear variant, called the Gear Solo. While that has yet to materialize, word on the street is that it will initiallly hit only Asian markets. That was practically Samsung’s tactic with the Galaxy Round and LG more or less did the same. We could see a repeat of that same strategy this time around.

Of course, it could all very well end up not happening, which might be for the equal benefit of all. Needless to say, we will soon cast our eyes on the actual LG G Watch later this month at Google I/O 2014 and, with SIM or without, it will be a curious device as one of two first Android Wear devices coming to market.

VIA: Talk Android

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