Silverlit Heli-Mission SWAT Truck: R/C car with hidden helicopter! [Video]

What's better than a remote-controlled truck?  Why, a remote-controlled truck with a hidden remote-controlled helicopter inside it, that's what!  The Silverlit Heli-Mission SWAT Truck is a full-function toy truck, the rear section of which flips open to reveal an indoor helicopter on a rising launch platform.Video demo after the cut

What's not entirely clear is whether you have a separate controller for the helicopter or use the same one as for the truck.  All we know is that it's a 3-channel system and uses the same contra-rotating blades as other toy choppers that makes piloting them relatively simple.  Still, we never see the helicopter land back on the truck launch-pad in the video below, so you likely need some skill to get it back into the transport solely on propeller-power.

Still, we won't allow user-ineptitude to blind us to such a fantastic toy.  The Silverlit Heli-Mission SWAT Truck is apparently "coming soon" priced at £59.95 in the UK ($99).

[via OhGizmo!]