Silent Hill maker Keiichiro Toyama reveals new horror

The next title from Keiichiro Toyama is well on the way. The project, made by Silent Hill creator Toyama, will be created with the relatively new Bokeh Game Studio. This will be the first project by this studio – and if what we're seeing so far is any indication, it's going to turn our brains into shriveled chunks of fear.

An interview was posted this week by the YouTube channel of Bokeh Game Studio. This studio's interview with Keiichiro Toyama suggests that they're ready to roll with this next title in the near future. They've not yet given any solid release date, but HAVE shared a number of images that they suggest indicate the tone and depth of the game.

The game does not yet have a name, but we know it'll be an action-adventure subgenre title. It'll obviously have tones of terror, and it'll be ready to scare gamers out of their wits with relative ease.

Much like ALIEN terrorized the masses with its mix of humanoid and machine, flesh and hard lines, this video game looks to harvest our collective deepest fears. Unsettling is the base of functionality here. There will be no settling for zombies, no lack of human hair and guts galore.

Mutations and aberrations in reality look like they'll be shown in full force. Human bodies opening up and tentacles spewing forth, long insect legs and sacks of who-knows-what will very likely be present from the outset.

Per Keiichiro Toyama, this game won't just be about "showing scary things." Instead it'll "question our position and make us challenge the fact that we're living peacefully." This might be too disturbing to consider playing on a full stomach.

Cross your fingers this will be a multi-platform release when the time comes. Given the potential for a game of this sort, we can't imagine it'll be relegated to a single console or operating system – but you never know!