Sidekick Slide and LX caught on video

Chris Davies - Sep 28, 2007

If you’ve been looking to upgrade to the latest in the Sidekick range then November 7th may be looking a pretty long way off; to keep you busy then why not watch these three videos over and over until you’ve memorised the sliding action and can recreate it, at will, through the medium of dance.

To reiterate, the LX has a 320×240 screen, ambient lighting, technology from Sharp’s AQUOS TVs and a microSD card slot with a 128MB card included.  It also has a 1.3MP camera. 

Meanwhile, the Slide is a tweaking of the Sidekick 3 with a plain push-up screen rather than the twisty one we’ve grown to love.   

[via Hiptop3]

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