Shredder makes mincemeat of bulletproof glass

Many materials are impossibly durable and hard — modern metals, carbon fiber, bulletproof glass. Trying to break or otherwise structurally compromise any of those things is not easy, hence their use in all sorts of applications, including security ones. If there's one thing humans are really good at, though, it's destroying stuff, rendering the seemingly indestructible into rubble. Bulletproof glass is no exception.

If there's a close second to something humans enjoy — relatively to destroying things — it is watching things be destroyed. We've seen all sorts of controlled, deliberate construction caught on camera, and the latest among them all is an industrial shredder chopping bulletproof glass up into mincemeat — powder and small particles, and in mere seconds.

We've seen variations of this type of shredder in the past. There are versions that can make quick work of plastics, but that's boring. What's more interesting is watching a machine gobble up giant chunks of granite like they're a casual afternoon snack. Or, you know, engine blocks if that's your thing.

These machines are small beans compared to some out there, though. There's that time we saw a huge machine completely decimate a whole Geo Metro, for example, literally tearing the car apart and spitting it out like it was nothing at all.

VIA: Gizmodo