'Jaw Crusher' turns big chunks of granite into dust

Big machines span the globe, tasked with doing things that would otherwise take humans long periods of time to achieve. One such machine is called the "Jaw Crusher", and it exists to turn big chunks of granite into much smaller pieces of granite — even dust, which is produced to satisfactory degrees. What would you do with a bunch of granite gravel? Probably not much. But watching it get pulverized is oddly enjoyable.

According to MBMMLLC, which posted the video on YouTube, one of its customers uses cut granite blocks for various purposes, and requested a machine to speed up the process. The end result is "Jaw Crusher", which features a 10 x 16 inch "jaw" that crush granite chunks up to 8 inches thick.

The machine chews up the granite as if it is nothing — according to its maker, the machine is able to process 5 or more tons of granite every hour into pieces that are 1-inch in size or smaller. It uses a 20 horsepower electric motor.

Of course, Jaw Crusher isn't the first machine we've seen that can take the seemingly indestructible and render them useless in a handful of seconds. There's that one machine that eats entire engine blocks, and the manure spreader we saw pulverize a Geo Metro last summer.