Shower head for two-the Radiance Rainmaker

I know a lot of people when they get home from a hard day's work they want to hop into the bathtub and just soak. This is one of those cases where I think showers are so underrated. Personally I would rather take a really long shower than a bath any day. This means I also love the fancy shower heads.

Now there is a new one on the market, the Radiance Rainmaker. It's not your average shower head, which you could probably tell by just looking at it. The Rain Air mode provides gentle water flow while it mixes in soft air to make a gentle spray of water. The whirl mode emits a more intense massage with accelerated jets of water.

From looking at the photo it would obviously be great for you and your partner. Which most fancy shower heads don't really feature, this one is wider and can accommodate two people. With people creating showers big enough for two people these days, why not have a shower head that's good for it too.

Inject some fun and romance into your bathtime [via techiediva]