Shiny Pokemon Spotlight Hours go Psychic in June

The Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour for Pokemon of several sorts appearing in June of 2021 are here. They include Aipom, Slowpoke, Dwebble, Abra, and Swinub. Each of these Pokemon will appear with availability of a Shiny version, which, combined with their far-more-common availability during said event, means you'll have a far greater chance of filling up your Shiny Pokedex.

On June 1, 2021, the Dwebble Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour will take place. This event's bonus is 2x Catch XP. That means that during the hour starting at 6PM (local time) on Tuesday, June 1, you'll get twice the experience points you'd normally get for capturing a Pokemon.

On June 8, there'll be a Spotlight Hour in Pokemon GO for Abra. This is one of the original 150 Pokemon and a Pokemon that can be particularly helpful as it evolves into its ultimate self. This Spotlight Hour will include 2x Catch Candy! That means it'll be EXTRA easy to not only capture a Shiny Abra, but evolve said Shiny Pokemon into Alakazam!

There'll be a June 15 Spotlight Hour with Slowpoke. You'll want to save all your transfers until this event, as this event's bonus is 2x Transfer Candy! Every Pokemon you transfer out during this event will give you TWICE the candy you'd normally get!

On June 22 there'll be a Spotlight Hour for Swinub, and on June 29 you'll find a Spotlight Hour for Aipom. The Swinub event will feature 2x Evolution XP, and the Aipom event will feature 2x Catch Stardust.

Also starting today is a Pokemon GO Special Weekend. This event begins on Friday, May 28, 2021, starting at noon Central time. It'll end on May 31, Monday, at noon Central time. You'll find 2x daily limit for Gift opening, and you'll find your trade range is increased to 40km! This special weekend also has a set of bonuses if you've signed up with Verizon in the USA, 7-Eleven in Mexico, or Yoshinoya in Japan. You might be part of this event with great ease if you've already purchased a ticket – or you might just want to open more gifts!