Shiny Pokemon GO Zacian week: What's best counter, what isn't in the game

We're looking at the most exciting week in Pokemon GO for the past several months here, and Zacian is at the head of the spear. This Pokemon is similar to other Pokemon with different forms – they share candy. As such, if you're looking to find the most powerful Zacian and you'll want to wait for the Crowned Sword Zacian – you can start now, even though that version is not yet in the game!

So here's the deal: When you find a Pokemon like Zacian that you know is only base form now, in Pokemon GO, you can begin to plan for the future. If you plan on making the most magnificent Crowned Zacian once that Pokemon is in the game, you'll be ahead of the curve if you've already stocked up enough Zacian candy. Now, this week, you might have your best shot at preparing for such an eventuality.

OF NOTE: Shiny Zacian is not yet in the game. We've seen some rumors that this Pokemon can be found as a Shiny – it's not true. If you want to use a standard Zacian (the sort that's in the game now) for anything, it'll probably be Classic Master League. It'll be a monster in battles with your most formidable opponents.

Zacian is weak against POISON and STEEL-type Pokemon. If you're looking for the best Zacian counters in Pokemon today, you'll be picking your Roserate, Dialga, Victreebel, Scizor, Gengar, Metagross, Toxicroak, Genesect, and Excadrill! It's best to start with POISON if you have them – they'll be the hardest hitters!

Zacian has Fire Fang, Metal Claw, Quick Attack, or Snarl for fast moves. Those are Fire, Steel, Normal, and Dark moves – so even though this is a Fairy Type Pokemon, it's potentially dangerous in several different ways. Charged moves are Close Combat (Fighting), Play Rough (Fairy), Iron Head (Steel), and Wild Charge (Electric). Plan accordingly!