Shiny Pokemon GO vote: Weedle and Gastly?!

In a bit of a shock result, the May voting for June and July Pokemon GO Community Day featured monsters are... Weedle and Gastly! While the Gastly line – leading to Haunter and Gengar – has one of the biggest Glass Cannon Pokemon in the game, Weedle remains a mystery. Could it be that the Pokemon GO universe finally reached the point at which they're only trying to Catch Em All?

Could quarantine have given Pokemon GO gamers such a massive case of cabin fever that they're excited to catch insects that turn into bees? It's a very, very strange situation we've got going on in Pokemon GO right now, that much we know.

The Weedle Community Day will take place in June of 2020, and the monster will have the ability to learn the exclusive move DRILL RUN. This is a Ground Type move, one that the Pokemon wouldn't normally have the ability to learn. As with other Community Day events, this event will also result in far more common Shiny Pokemon spawns.

Standard Weedle, Kakuna, and Beedril are light brown/mustard color, yellow, and yellow/gold. Shiny Weedle is more yellow/gold, Shiny Kakuna is what we'd describe as Radioactive Green. Shiny Beedril is slightly darker, POISON GREEN with blue eyes.

The Weedle Community Day will take place on June 20, 2020. The Weedle Community Day will take place in July – we'll know the exact date as we get closer to the month!

Shiny Gastly winning July wasn't a surprise – that's a Pokemon that's ALWAYS been desireable. Gastle, Haunter, and Gengar are very cool – and have been the subject of special events since year one!

The July Community Day for Pokemon GO will include special Gastly with the ability to learn Shadow Punch. NOTE: As with the Weedle, you'll probably want to evolve all the way to the final evolution before you'll see the special move. So you'll get Gastly, which you'll then evolve into Haunter, then into Gastly, which will then learn Shadow Punch.

Shadow Punch is a GHOST move which charges quite quickly, and might become the go-to move for all those best-possible-Gengar in the Pokemon GO universe. We shall see!

Shiny Gastly is a slightly more neon purple than usual, with a dark aqua blue haze outlined in neon purple. Usually Gastly is black, Shiny Gastly is purple. Regular Haunter has a pink tongue, Shiny Haunter has a blue tongue. Regular and Shiny Gengar are extremely similar to one another – Shiny Gengar is only ever-so-slightly more gray.