Shiny Pokemon GO update: The best Pokemon in late July 2020

It's time to get your SHINY on in Pokemon GO – they're basically everywhere! If you're in search of your first Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon GO, starting this week you're going to want to keep your eyes on the tiny plant Bellsprout, for starters. The Shiny Pokemon Bellsprout is more common this week than it's ever been before – or might ever be in the future!

If you're seeking out a Shiny Bellsprout, you'll probably just want to tap as many Bellsprouts as you can see around you, at all times. You could choose to catch them all, so as to make certain you've got enough Pokemon candy to evolve said Shiny Bellsprout into Bellsprout, Weepinbell, and/or Victreebel.

If you're only looking for the one, just keep your eyes peeled for three elements. One is the shiny icon (a circle with three stars in it, just above the Pokemon's CP number). The next is an array of sparkles, or shining stars, that appears all around the Pokemon as it appears in front of you on the catch screen.

The third element to look for in a Shiny Bellsprout is its nearly all-gold color. You could also call it yellow – all yellow, save the stem which remains a light brown. This Shiny Pokemon looks significantly different from its non-shiny iteration – you won't likely miss it!

Remember, you won't necessarily see that a Pokemon is Shiny as it appears in the wild. You need to tap the Pokemon to see it in the catch screen to see whether it's a Shiny Pokemon.

There's another Pokemon that's appeared this week as an extra-common Shiny: Petilil. This leafy Pokemon appears if you take a snapshot of you Buddy Pokemon now, as a photobomb, so snap a photo if you've not done so already!

We're expecting a whole bunch more Shiny Pokemon to appear in the next few days leading up to Pokemon GO Fest 2020. During the festival, there should be no doubt that Shiny Pokemon will be appearing en masse!