Shiny Pokemon GO Unown code clues may make fans freak [UPDATE]

Today we're taking another peek at the latest update to Pokemon GO and the (not yet active) code in the app file. This update has a brand new "Has Shiny Form Captured" tag in addition to what's already been in play: Has Shiny Captured. Shiny Pokemon might well be changed in a major way by the time Pokemon GO Fest 2020 arrives!

Inside the latest set of teardowns of Pokemon GO version 0.181.0, the same update that showed us all the Victini leaks, we see Unown! In this mix we see the additions or modifications to a long list of items that'd be required to launch a Shiny Unown in the game during Pokemon GO Fest 2020.

We see Unown's Pokedex Button Widget, Unown Icon, Shiny Icon, and both Selected and Unselected Unown color. Shiny Header Format, Shiny Header I18N Key, and "Unown_Forms" – likely for Shiny, normal, and all the different letters/symbols for Unown.

Shiny Unown in Pokemon GO are BLUE! If you're looking to collect all the Unown after the addition of Shiny Unown, you'll need to capture not only all 28 different Unown in their original Black, but 28 more in Shiny Blue! Unown are always active (as far as we've been able to tell), but are among the rarest Pokemon in the entirety of Pokemon GO. Events like Pokemon GO Fest are – far and away – the best way to realistically hunt for a complete collection of Unown.

Unown generally appear in groups that reflect the event. We might see, for example, the Unown G, O, F, E, S, and T on the 25th and 26th – that's not confirmed, just a guess.

UPDATE: According to sources familiar with the matter who wish to remain anonymous, a major overhaul for Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon GO is scheduled for the latter half of the month of July, 2020. This update should (ideally) be in place by the time Pokemon GO Fest 2020 begins on July 25, 2020. This update will apparently make a significant difference for trainers that track individual iterations of Pokemon in their Pokedex – with regard, in this case, for Shiny Pokemon in different forms, like Alolan or Galarian.