Shiny Pokemon GO Unown, Clefairy, Jigglypuff, Lunatone, Staryu

Starting on Friday, August 7, 2020, at 1PM (local time), Pokemon GO will enter Enigma Week. This is a special week of bonuses and odd spawns activated by a successful "Ultra Unlock" during Pokemon GO Fest 2020. In this week, users will be able to attain some very, very rare Pokemon – not necessarily HELPFUL or POWERFUL Pokemon, but rare all the same.

Unown Pokemon will appear this week, all with the potential to be SHINY. Unown U, L, T, R, and A will appear in Pokemon Raid battles as well as in the wild. If they're normal, they're a dark gray/black. If they're shiny, they're BLUE!

In the wild you'll find the following Pokemon appearing more frequently than they otherwise would: Staryu, Jigglypuff, Clefairy, Lunatone, Solrock, Baltoy, Bronzor, and Elgyem. Amongst these Pokemon, you'll find a higher Shiny Spawn Rate for Clefairy, Jigglypuff, Lunatone, and Staryu!

If you're looking for any Shiny Pokemon, you'll know you've found one if you see a tiny pair of stars in an icon in the upper right-hand side of their name in a Pokemon Encounter. Otherwise you'll know by the color of their eyes, their ears, or the bulk of their form.

• Shiny Clefairy has green ears instead of brown.

• Shiny Jigglypiff has green eyes intsead of aqua.

• Shiny Lunatone has blue eyes intead of red.

• Shiny Staryu has a green body and blue gem instead of orange/gold and red.

Inside 7km eggs that drop after the start time for this special week, an odd assortment of Pokemon will appear. Those include: Cleffa, Igglybuff, Lunatone, Solrock, and Elgyem.

Normal Forme Deoxys will appear in 5-star Raid battles. This release includes a higher rate of appearance for Shiny Normal Forme Deoxys as well – they're out there! Other Raid battle Pokemon this week include Bronzong, Claydol, Elgyem, and (again) Unown.