Shiny Pokemon GO Spotlight Hours: Eyes on November 2, 9, and 30

Right here and now, we're taking a peek at the most important Pokemon GO Spotlight Hours of the month of November 2021. Before we drop in on November, it's important to note that the bonuses we're seeking already exist in the game until the end of October. We're talking about 2x Transfer Candy and 2x Catch Candy, of course.

If you're reading this article inside the month of October, 2021, it is high time you opened the Pokemon Candy flood gates. The 2021 Halloween event includes two of the most awesome bonus features of the year, courtesy of the most spooky sugar-filled day of the year. You can get twice as much candy as usual whenever you transfer a Pokemon, and twice as much candy as usual whenever you catch a Pokemon.

This 2x Candy feature works with any Pokemon you have, or any Pokemon you might catch. Better still, if you use a Pinap Berry on a Pokemon before you catch it, you'll get 4x candy from the catch!

If you're reading this article after Halloween is over, no worries! You'll just need to keep an eye on one of the key Spotlight Hour events in November 2021. On November 2 at 6PM local time there is a Cacnea Spotlight Hour. This event includes the 2x Catch Candy feature (for any Pokemon you might find in the wild).

On November 9, a Chinchou Spotlight Hour includes the 2x Transfer Candy feature. The November 30 event features Piplup (regular style, no fancy Halloween hat). This November 30 event features 2x Catch Candy as well.

If you're looking to stock up on Stardust or XP, the other two Spotlight Hour events in November are most important. On November 16 there'll be a Turtwig Spotlight Event with 2x Catch Stardust. On November 23 there'll be a Chimchar Spotlight Hour with 2x Catch XP.

If you're seeking Shiny Pokemon, the Cacnea event will be a bit of a bummer – there is no Shiny Cacnea in the game as yet. Shiny Chinchou is in the game, as is Shiny Turtwig, Shiny Chimchar, and Shiny Piplup. Tap to your heart's content!