Shiny Pokemon GO Solstice monster tasks: All the best picks

Today we're taking a peek at the big Solstice-themed event in Pokemon GO with special attention on Shiny Pokemon. There's a new set of event-exclusive Field Research tasks for this event, along with a variety of potentially Shiny Pokemon like Snorunt, Yanma, Solrock, and Lunatone!

The Pokemon GO Solstice event started on June 17, 2021. It'll run through June 20, 2021, ending specifically at 8PM local time. This event includes a variety of Field Research Tassks that are exclusive to this event, starting with the capture of 5 Lunatone, and 5 Solrock.

You'll get one Silver Pinap Berry for catching a set of 15 Lunatone, and another Silver Pinap Berry for catching 15 more Solrock. Basically you're going to want to catch 20 of each during this event. You can stack your Field Research, so you'll also get rewards for Catching 10 Pokemon, giving you encounters with Snorunt or Yanma, both of which could be Shiny.

You'll also want to Win a Raid in under 60 seconds if possible – that'll give you another Silver Pinap Berry. Using 3 Golden Razz Berried to help catch Pokemon will give you a BUNCH of Pokemon Candy – the same is true of Spinning 7 Pokestops or Gyms, and winning a level 3 or higher raid battle.

This event has Lunatone and Solrock spawning around the world, both with the potential to be Shiny! There's also a Shiny Snorlax out there, and some non-shiny Spheal.

Be sure to walk with your Buddy Pokemon during this event as they will give you more gift items and Pokeballs than normal. This event's walking distance for Buddy earning of hearts is half that of the normal distance required.

During this event you'll want to take a few Pokemon snapshots for potential encounter of Solstice Pokemon. This is one of the only times when you'll be able to find both Lunatone and Solrock anywhere around the world. After the event ends, Lunatone will be in one hemisphere, and Solrock will be in the other – until it's time to switch again!