Shiny Pokemon GO hunting is extra easy right now

If you're looking in the right place, it's easier to find a Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon GO right now than it's basically ever been before. This is largely because of the Shiny spawn rate of the Costumed Starter Pokemon, but also because of current rates at which several odd (and seemingly randomly chosen) Shiny Pokemon are appearing. It's not clear yet whether this second part of the equation will stick into the future.

The Shiny Pokemon spawn rate for most Pokemon is quite low. In other words, it's not very easy to find a Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon GO. It's far easier than it's ever been in one of the traditional handheld Pokemon games – but still, not easy. Or at least not common.

According to the latest research from our own friends in the field, the rate at which the Costumed Starter Pokemon appear Shiny is far higher than almost any other Shiny Pokemon's ever been in Pokemon GO. While – per usual – we can't say the definitive rate at which any one Pokemon will spawn, it would appear that one out of every 20 Costumed Starter Pokemon will appear available for capture as a Shiny Pokemon.

UPDATE: It would appear that Shiny Costumed Pikachu's Shiny Rate is slightly lower (see below*). This is what happens when you get too pumped about that slightly more golden-looking shocking squeaker Pokemon. The others still seem to be far more common than Niantic would let on.

If we look at what TSR on Reddit readers and researchers are reporting, we can see some confirmation that our suspicions were right – there are several other Pokemon with far more common spawn rates for Shiny Pokemon editions than we've seen in the past. Niantic can change these spawn rates at any time, so it's possible this is only a temporary affair.

Per the latest spawn rates for Pokemon Egg-based Shiny Pokemon, 1/64 is Shiny. That's the rate at which any one Pokemon that could potentially be Shiny would potentially appear in a Pokemon egg – the chances are lower if we also consider the fact that quite a few Pokemon without Shiny editions can also hatch from eggs.

The 1/64 chance rate seems to follow for several other Pokemon in the wild right now, as well. They are as follows, likely until the Halloween event is over at the end of this week.

• Exeggutor (Alolan)

• Bronzor

• Clamperl

• Feebas

• Gligar

• Lapras

• Onix

• Pineco

• Scyther

• Sneasel

*UPDATE: It would now appear that while the Shiny Spawn Rate for the starter Pokemon (Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirtle) is boosted, Shiny Pikachu is still extremely rare. Per the expanded research on The Silph Road, it would seem that Shiny Costumed Pikachu has a 1/170 spawn rate, while Shiny Yanmask has a 1/700 spawn rate – which is completely crazy!