Shiny Pokemon GO hunting: Best to tap in September 2021

Today we're taking a peek at the massive variety of Pokemon available in Wild Spawns in Pokemon GO for September. Before we get too far here – every single Kanto Region Pokemon has the potential to be Shiny, right now. So if you see any Pokemon from the first 150 Pokemon (from Kanto Region), tap them to see if they are Shiny! I just caught a Shiny Slowbro in the wild last night!

The event going on right this minute has a large number of Pokemon – a wide VARIETY of Pokemon – appearing in the wild around the world. Such is the variety that are out there that've been released as Shiny Pokemon in the past, it'll make more sense for us to list the Pokemon that cannot possibly be Shiny Pokemon right now.

Binacle cannot be Shiny, so if you're only looking for Shiny Pokemon, skip the Binacle. You can also skip Chespin, Clauncher, Drilbur, Elgyem, Falinks, Foongus, Frillish, Girafarig, Golett, Gulpin, Hoothoot, Karrablast, Litleo, Litwick, Numel, Phanpy, Purrloin, Remoraid, Skrelp, Skwovet, Spheal, Spinarak, Spritzee, Stunky, Swirlix, Tynamo, Venipede, Wooloo, Deerling, Oshawatt, Quilfish, Shroomish, and Wooloo.

Also not previously Shiny, but POSSIBLY Shiny during this event at some point (since they've been called out by Niantic in their press release as a major part of this event,) are the following: Gothita, Mantine, Shelmet, Slugma, and Deerling.

Any other Pokemon you find in the wild right now, here in September of 2021, might be Shiny! Tap them all – no harm, no foul!

It would appear that we're going to see some major changes throughout the month – with the distinct possibility of seeing more Shiny Pokemon added to the game in the process! Let us know if you see any Shiny Pokemon that you've never seen before!