Shiny Pokemon GO costume deluge - Here's what's new

In the last couple of weeks in the month of December, 2020, Pokemon GO has a variety of odd Pokemon available in the wild. There's a Top Hat Pichu, a 2020 Slowbro, a Holiday Cubchoo, and more. The most awesome bit about this last couple of weeks of Pokemon GO's special edition Pokemon is the fact that they've all got SHINY versions available from the get-go!

UPDATE: To be extra clear, here, the Pokemon of which we speak today are in the game code and APPEAR to be released as of December 17, 2020. As it is with any Pokemon GO update, there's a chance Niantic could change the availability of any Pokemon at a moment's notice. One Shiny Top Hat Pichu could be out one moment, gone the next!

If you're looking for the most wild variety of Pokemon you've ever seen in a late holiday season, now's the time. There's a Top Hat Pichu, Top Hat Pikachu, and Top Hate Raichu, each of which have their very own Shiny iteration in the game now.

There's also a Holiday Pikachu available with a black top hat, white jacket, and fancy scarf. This Pokemon can be attained as a Shiny Pokemon, but will not evolved at all, whatsoever. You cannot find a Holiday Pichu or Holiday Raichu as such!

There's also a Holiday Delibird, complete with a bow on its head. The same goes for Holiday Cubchoo (that snot-nosed bear), complete with a bow. Both the Holiday Delibird and the Holiday Cubchoo are available as Shiny Pokemon iterations out in the wild.

You'll find the full set of Pokemon GO Shiny Costume Pokemon in a handy-dandy chart above thanks to Pokeminers. They've made it their lot in life to dive in to the deepest depths of Pokemon GO code to deliver the likes of this – good on them!

An oddity appears with Slowpoke this week, as there's a 2020 Slowpoke, but no 2021 Slowpoke. We're talking about glasses – the rest of the Pokemon looks normal. There's also a 2021 Slowbro, but no 2020 Slowbro.

This might well be the first Pokemon in the history of Pokemon GO that changes its special edition costume as it evolves! What better way to ring in the new year than to evolve a 2020 Slowpoke into a 2021 Slowbro?!

The best thing about this combo is the Shiny version of 2020 Slowpoke (which isn't all that different from non-shiny), evolving into the wacky alternate colors of Shiny 2021 Slowbro. Where regular 2021 Slowbro is pink with a bone/off-white shell, the Shiny 2021 Slowbro is violet/purple with a brown/mustard colored shell!