Shiny Pokemon GO Community Day taps Snivy

There'll be a new Pokemon GO Community Day in the near future featuring the leafy monster known as Snivy. As is usually the case with a Community Day Pokemon, Shiny Snivy will almost certainly have an around 1/25 spawn rate during this special event day. This event will also deliver a special exclusive move to the most evolved version of Snivy if evolved during this event.

During the Snivy Community Day, Snivy or Serperior caught (during the 6 hour event plus 2 hours after the event is over) can potentially learn a special move. If one of these Pokemon is evolved all the way to Serperior during the event (or in the 2 hours afterward), it'll learn a move called Frenzy Plant. This move is not otherwise able to be learned by Serperior.

This Pokemon GO event will deliver extremely increased spawns of Snivy, and 3x Catch Stardust. Incense activated during this event will last for a full 3 hours. Capturing a snapshot during the event will show a photobomb from Snivy, followed by a nearby spawn of Snivy. This should work 5x times.

There'll be an optional Special Research available for 99-cents. There'll also be a one-time-purchase CD Bundle that'll include an Elite Charged TM, 50x Ultra Balls, 4x Star Pieces, and 3x Mossy Lure.

The Pokemon GO Snivy Community Day will take place starting on April 11, 2021 at 11AM local time. This event will last until 5PM local time the same day.

UPDATE: There'll also be a March 27th event "Special Raid Weekend" with Rayquaza. This starts off the first-ever Weather Week event. This event takes place March 27, 2021 starting at 10AM and will last until March 28, 2021, at 8PM local time.

During this weekend event, five star raids will show both Therian Forme Thundurus and Rayquaza. If you win a raid against Rayquaza, there's a very likely approximately 1/20 Shiny Pokemon spawn rate, and Rayquaza will always know Hurricane!