Shiny Pokemon GO Adventure Sync Hatchathon: Stardust, Candy, Bonuses

This week the party hat Pokemon madness is rolling with Pokemon GO and the newest event, Adventure Sync Hatchathon. In the Hatchathon guide we're working with today, we'll look at the various Pokemon that'll appear with Party Hats for 2020. We'll also look at the candy bonuses, stardust bonuses, and other oddities we'll get as reward for doing tasks in this two-week adventure.

Party Hat Pikachu is just one of the various Party Hat Pokemon that'll appear in the wild, in eggs, and in raids during the event in Pokemon GO from January 2, 2020, starting at 1PM PST, to January 16, 2020, at 1PM PST. This event starts the same day this article is set to go live on SlashGear!

Party Hat Pokemon

Users will find Party Hat Pichu in 2km and 7km Pokemon eggs. Party Hat Wurmple appears in 2km eggs only – don't expect to find this one in a raid! You'll find Party Hat Wobuffet and Party Hat Raticate in 2-star raid battles during the entirety of the event.

Each of the Pokemon listed below can be found in both standard and SHINY Pokemon form. There've been Party Hat Pikachu and Party Hat Pichu in the game before now, but the other three are brand new versions of the monsters they represent.

• Party Hat Wurmple (eggs only)

• Party Hat Pichu (eggs only)

• Party Hat Pikachu

• Party Hat Wobuffet

• Party Hat Raticate

Bonuses during event

During this event we'll see 2x Hatch Candy – so each time you hatch a Pokemon egg, you get twice as much candy for the Pokemon you've hatched that you'd normally get for the same hatch. The same is true of stardust – you get twice as much Hatch Stardust as you'd normally get for the duration of this event.

Standard candy and stardust rates for Egg Hatching:

• 2km egg – 5-10 candy, 400-800 stardust

• 5km egg – 10-21 candy, 800-1600 stardust

• 10km egg – 16-32 candy, 1600-3200 stardust

Bonus Adventure Sync rewards for 50km of walking eggs includes a Sinnoh Stone, 15x Rare Candy (use on any Pokemon), 50,000 stardust, and a mystery Pokemon berry. These bonuses could be captured twice, since you're able to get the bonus for 50km once per week.

If you walk 100km in one week, you get a mystery berry and another 10,000 Stardust. If you need that dust, these two weeks are the best time to get walking!