Shiny Mew in Pokemon GO All-in-One 151 Special Research end tasks

The most epic Pokemon GO Special Research was activated this month, encompassing all the tasks you've likely ever done in the game up until now. The "All-in-One #151" Special Research Task requires that you do so much, you might find it next to impossible to consider completing. This week we've seen the end of the path, the complete list and all the rewards, including the most unattainable Shiny Pokemon of them all!

The first part of the four-part Research Tasks series required that the user get a Platinum Kanto Medal. The reward for this was a cool 51 Ultra Balls. You also needed to send 151 Gifts to friends and Make 151 Great Throws. You'd be given 1 Poffin Berry and 1510 Stardust for the tasks. Total tasks for part 1 included 5100 XP, a Premium Battle Pass, and another 1510 Stardust.

Part two seemed like it might take forever – a real moster thanks to its extended series of must-do items. You had to catch a Pokemon every day for 30 days in a row – not that difficult if you're a regular Pokemon GO maniac. That first bit had a reward of 51 Ultra Balls. You also needed to catch 151 different species of Pokemon – you might've already done that before you began the task.

The bonkers bit of this part 2/4 was the requirement to catch 30 of each of the many different Pokemon types in Pokemon GO. That included Normal, Fire, Water, Grass, Flying, Fighting, Fairy, Dark, Dragon, Steel, Ghost, Bug, Ice, Psychic, Rock, Ground, Electric, and Poison. Your reward for each of these bits was 151 XP. Completion of part 2/4 delivere 5100 XP, 3x Rare Candy, and 1510 Stardust.

This week a select few Pokemon GO users reached the point at which they were able to move on and capture parts 3 and 4 of the All-in-One 151 Special Research. In part 3/4, the user was required to Reach Level 40, Spin 151 PokeStops, Complete 151 Field Research tasks, walk 151km (!), and catch 1510 Pokemon.

Rewards for each of these tasks (respectively) was/is 4000 Stardust, 3x Rocket Radar, 3x Super Incubator, 151x Ultra Ball, and a sincle Incense. The collective reward for 3/4 is a single Star Piece, a single Lucky Egg, and a Pokemon encounter.

The Pokemon encounter for 3/4 is a Shiny Mew! If that weren't enough in and of itself, 4/4 delivers a pair of Mew-related rewards. The whole 4/4 task lineup consists of "Claim Reward" auto-complete tasks, giving the user 5100XP, 1510 Stardust, and another 1510 Stardust. The final set of rewards includes 3x Charged TM, 20x Mew Candy, and a lovely new Shiny Mew T-Shirt.