Shimano aims for an easy urban ride

Chris Davies - Feb 23, 2007, 4:10am CST

It’s been quite a few years since I’ve rode a bike, and any desire to do so now would be complicated by not actually having one any more.  The cash-injected biking industry does me no favours when it comes to choosing one, either, with all manner of complicated variations in gears, brakes and chassis; stepping into a specialist bike shop is about as scary as browsing a designer clothes store, under the disapproving and contemptuous gaze of the assistants.


Gear manufacturer Shimano has obviously decided to cash in on that eco-concerned but bike-ignorant market sector, and the Coasting system is their first strike.  Basically a three-speed automatic transmission for a bike, it takes all the complicated “first you flick this lever, then that one, but never stop pedalling while you do it!” madness out of the whole business.

 Shimano Coasting gear system

Trekbike's Several big-name bike manufacturers, such as Raleigh, Giant and Trekbikes, are showing models using the Coasting system, although there’s little word on pricing so far.  Who knows, if I see one in a store I might just have to take it for a test-ride.

Shimano Coasting [via Hemispheres via Neatorama]

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