Sharp: "in talks" over 3D LCD for phones, no comment on 3DS

Sharp have declined to comment on speculation that its new 3D LCD displays will find their way into Nintendo's upcoming 3DS games handheld, on the basis that "you could easily guess the name of a company."  Yoshisuke Hasegawa, general manager of the company's LCD business, confirmed to press that Sharp are in talks with at least one mobile phone manufacturer.

"We would like to avoid commenting on our users' individual projects. We are now in talks with a mobile phone maker. But we cannot comment on businesses with game makers because, if we did, you could easily guess the name of a company." Yoshisuke Hasegawa, general manager, LCDs, Sharp

The executive also said that Sharp hope to eventually replace all of their small and medium sized LCD panels with 3D LCD displays, with the new panels taking 10 to 20-percent of the company's small/medium LCD business in the 2010 fiscal year and 50-percent in 2011.  Sharp also gave more details on how it bypassed issues of thickness and multiple-orientation viewing, with the latter using a new LCD controller that cut down on parallax transmittance.