Shark attacks a shark repelling gadget

I currently live smack dab in the Midwest, putting me too far away from the ocean to care about sharks. My biggest concern is dodging raccoons and deer on the road. For me taking a dip in the ocean and thinking about sharks is slightly nerve wrecking, not that it would stop me. However, anyone who lives close to the ocean probably knows that the odds of a shark attack are very low.

Well apparently the Shark Shield is meant to ward off sharks by creating a conductive field that causes spasms the closer the shark gets to the gadget. The makers decided to take it out for a test run in South Australia, where instead of repelling it caused a 12 foot long Great White Shark to actually attack the device. The makers are still claiming 100% success with tests and say that no one wearing it has ever been attacked.

I suppose that could be technically true, since they didn't attack a person exactly, it just attacked the device. If for some bizarre reason you'd still like to give it a whirl it will cost you $645.

[via oh gizmo]