SGI unveils Altix UV supercomputer

We have talked about SGI before when it unveiled the Octane III desk side supercomputer back in September. SGI is back with the unveiling of what it claims to be the world's fastest supercomputer called the Altix UV.

The machine is scalable from 32 to 2048 cores with architectural provisioning for up to 262,144 cores. The machine supports up to 16TB of global shared memory in a single system image. The supercomputer also uses the SGI high speed 15Gb per second NUMAlink 5 interconnect and MPI Offload Engine.

The system is designed to run Novell SUSE or Red Hat Linux. The Altix UV comes in two models including the Altix UV 1000 designed for scalability in a cabinet with up to 256 sockets and 16TB of memory in four racks. The Altix UV 100 is a standard rack mount 3U system with up to 96 sockets and 6TB of memory in two racks.