Sets upgrades polarized sunglasses with snap-on hinges

Chris Davies - Aug 13, 2014
Sets upgrades polarized sunglasses with snap-on hinges

Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference, and Sets reckons it has just that in sunglasses. The customizable glasses are kicking off in a crowdfunded campaign to outfit affordable polarized shades with a clever interchangeable stainless steel hinge.

That hinge uses a quick-release catch so that different colors of arms can be snapped onto the main body of the frames.

Sets_Blue Matte

The core frames themselves are in the wayfarer style, and come in twelve different finishes initially. Similarly, there are twelve different arm styles, meaning more than a hundred combinations in all.

Product Shot 5

Sets tells us that it will be eventually offering a non-polarized version, by the time the glasses show up in retail stores. The non-polarized lenses – which you’ll need if you want to use a touchscreen or HUD – are still UV400 and scratch resistant.

Sets_White Grey Lens

Sets is aiming for $15,000 on Indiegogo, though it’s a flexible funding campaign and so will get any pledges even if that goal isn’t reached. First tier to get a pair comes in at $40; assuming all goes to plan, the first sunglasses should begin shipping in September this year.


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