SETI to check moon for signs of aliens

It wasn't that long ago that SETI went offline after funding was pulled. Thankfully, the funding was raised and the search for aliens began again. Apparently, in talks about where to start searching for signs of alien life, the SETI team decided to start close to home. Paul Davies and Robert Wagner from Arizona State University want a crowd-sourced effort to search for artificial structures on the moon.

The reasons for choosing the moon include the fact that it is so close and that it is able to hold traces of activity for a long time. You only have to look at photos like the one here of leftovers from the Apollo missions to see that features on the moon don't change. The searching of the moon makes a bit of sense if you look at it the way the scientists on the project are. If the aliens could travel the vast distances between stars they could have used the moon as an observation post for checking us out.

After all, we have only been able to go to the moon for a few decades. The team hopes that if this "logical" observation post of the moon was used that perhaps the aliens left something behind as basic as a footprint. The researchers admit the there is very little chance of this succeeding. It would be awesome if it did though wouldn't it.

[via Discovery]