Sentido Touch-Panel Light Switch Can Be Programmed For Smart Homes

Smart lighting is finding its way into more homes, and as such ordinary light switches are no longer good enough. Mobile devices, of course, are the primary way for one to interact with smart lighting, but sometimes it is easier to flip a switch than to fire up a smartphone. That's where the Sentido touch-based light control panel comes in.

Basalte's Sentido smart light switch features a four-panel square design with subtle lighting effects that blends well with modern home designs. Each panel is touch-centric, and can be programmed to perform a specific lighting action.

Adding to its abilities, the panels can also be used in combination, meaning two can be pressed at once to perform a specific pre-programmed action. This gives quite a few combination options for which users can program different types of lighting functions.

Keeping in line with the light switch's smart home design, the Sentido is also equipped with a thermometer for monitoring the room's temperature and feeding the data to a smart thermostat for better temp regulation. The light switch is available across the globe, but you're going to contact the company for specifics on your region.

VIA: Digital Trends