SensoTRACK monitors biometric health through your ear

If you're part of the biometric sports monitoring device craze, you're going to want to listen up. SensoTRACK is a wearable device you attach to your ear. You'll be able to monitor 4 major vital signs at once, count steps, and check your body position. As Dr. Vahram Mouradian, Founder and CTO of Sensogram Technologies suggests, "SensoTRACK is designed to be more than a fitness gadget." You wanted to know absolutely everything about yourself while you jog or exercise in any way at all – you got it.

According to Mouradian, SensoTRACK is intended to be a "lifestyle coach" made for improving your daily activities, not just watching you while you do them. You'll be optimizing your performance at the same time as you control health risks.

This device monitors each of the following bits and pieces of your exercise-friendly day:

• Heart Rate

• Blood Pressure

• Respiration Rate

• Oxygen Saturation

• Step Count

• Body Position

SensoTRACK has a battery its makers suggest will last for 24 hours of continuous use. That's in-use, not just standby time. Inside you'll find a gyroscope and an accelerometer, a micro-USB port for data transfer and charging, and an optical biosensor for vital sign measurement.

This device has a speaker for notifications – not for listening to music, exactly – that's important to note. These aren't headphones – it's a mini-computer. Made for monitoring your health, not blasting beats.

The first wave of SensoTRACK devices will be sent to Kickstarter backers for $249 in February of 2015. There'll be a mass production release starting in April of 2015 for everyone that doesn't decide they want to pay the premium, that wave coming for $199 USD.

VIA: Sensogram