Sennheiser Ambeo 3D / VR audio recording earbuds now available

Earlier this year, Sennheiser introduced a headset that features microphones built into each ear piece. This design enables the headset to record 3D audio that sounds natural to the human ear, a type of recording known as binaural audio. Now, several months later, Sennheiser has announced the shipment of this headset, giving everyone a relatively cheap way to record 3D sound.

Binaural ("3D") sound is more important than ever with the rise of VR headsets. By placing each microphone where the ears are located, the audio sounds during playback — assuming a headset is used — the way it would sound if you were hearing it in person. A door closed to one side of someone, for example, will play more loudly in that ear than the other one. It makes VR content far more immersive than normal stereo audio.

The Ambeo headset isn't to be confused with the Ambeo VR microphone, which is different than "Smart Headset." The headset is a mobile way to record 3D audio — you don't have to carry around a separate microphone because the microphones are built into the ear pieces. For this reason, users can record the binaural audio just by putting on the earbuds and connecting them to a mobile device.

In this case, the Ambeo Smart Headset is meant for use with the iPhone or iPad. The headset includes a Smart Slider that can adjust the microphones' sensitivity from normal to loud, depending on needs. The headset also offers situational awareness features so you can still hear ambient noises in situations where it is necessary. The headset can also be used to take phone calls or use voice commands to control the device.

As far as specs go, the Ambeo headset has a 20Hz to 20kHz frequency range, Lightning connector, 1.16m cable length, and a white color. You'll need at least an iPhone 5c, iPad mini 2, or 6th-generation iPod Touch to use the headset. Plans to release an Android version aren't clear. The headset is priced at $299.95 USD. Shipping is available now in the US and Canada.

SOURCE: Sennheiser