Sengled LED lights boost WiFi, enhance sound at CES 2015

At CES, Sengled is showing off a series of smart lighting devices meant for a myriad of purposes. From music to better WiFi, your lights are about to make your home a lot brighter. Their Pulse Solo is the first LED light with a built in dual speaker for audiophiles, while the Boost is meant to enhance WiFi anywhere in your home. Of course, all this goodness is controlled via their app, so you still won't have to get up to turn the lights off!

Pulse Solo is the natural successor to the original Pulse, which brought speakers via the lighting you'd place in your home. The inclusion of dual speakers and an more open grille make for better sound, even if you've only got one in your home.

Boost might find a bit more favor for users, with its WiFi boosting capability. Rather than occupy a wall socket with a WiFi booster, Sengled's Boost allows you to both light your room and get a better WiFi signal. We'd suggest outfitting the office and living room with these for better streaming!

All this is still controlled handsomely via your smartphone or tablet, too. The Sengled app is still as easy to use as it ever was, and doesn't appear to have changed at all.

We're on the ground at CES, so be sure to check back often for all your tech gadgetry. There's still a lot to go over, and our night is still young!